DIY Dream Catcher

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly. First off I would just like to say, thank you so much for 100 followers. It really means a lot to me. This week I decided to make a dream catcher. It was quite easy but a bit fiddly at times. This is how to do it :).

What you will need:

– wire

– feathers

– ribbon / lace

– beads

– string (I used crochet cotton)

– pliers

– scissors 

– tape

– bowl / plate

What to do:

1. Grab a bowl or plate which is the size you want your dream catcher to be. Cut a piece of wire with the pliers so it fits around the plate. Once you’ve made the wire into a circle, tape it at the ends. 

2. With the crochet cotton, wrap it all the way around the wire. This does take quite a while.

3. Now it’s time to do the inside of the circle. This part is quite fiddly. I looked on Pinterest for directions on how to do it and I suggest doing that as well because it is quite hard to explain. I’ll leave a photo below which shows you how to do it. Don’t forget to put a bead in the centre. 

4. Lastly, you have to attach the lace and ribbon onto the bottom quarter of the dream catcher. I also joined on some feathers and beads. 

And your done! This DIY is fun to make and it also doesn’t take that much time. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment.

Love, Holly

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Posted 11 September 2016


DIY Face Mask and Body Scrub

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly. Today I will be giving you two recipes to have your own DIY pamper session at home. This avocado and honey face mask and brown sugar and honey body scrub are very easy to make and are cheap as well. This is a collab with Liveandlaugh03 and over on her blog there is even more recipes for a DIY pamper session.

This avocado and honey face mask is really easy to make. It feels so nice and refreshing when it’s on the skin and once you wash it off it feels a bit like the Oatfix fresh face mask from Lush, because it leaves an oily felling on your skin but it is hydrating.

What you need:

1/4 of an avocado

1 tsp honey

1 tsp coconut oil
What to do: 

Mash the avocado in a bowl, stir in other ingredients
Spread the face mask all over your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash of with water.

This brown sugar and honey body scrub makes your skin feel so smooth afterwards. This is a great gift. My measurements I made up, so just put as much as you want of each item, but this was the original recipe (I didn’t want to make this much)

Original recipe:

1 cup of brown sugar 

1/4 cup olive oil

1 tsp honey 

1 tsp vanilla extract
What to do: 

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl.
Apply onto damp skin and lightly scrub in circular motions. 

This was a collab with Liveandlaugh03! Go check out her blog and don’t forget to give her post an like!


Her blog post:

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment.

Love, Holly

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Posted 26 June 2016

Plant Room Decor

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly. I really like the look of plants in rooms, I fell like it softens the room and gives it a really nice touch. I suprisingly didn’t have and greenery in my room so I decided to do some DIY’s and I thought I would share them with you.

Firstly is this succulent in a tea light holder. I picked up the tea light holders from Pillow Talk on sale, they are a really cute geometric design and I got one white and one black. I put some dirt into the holders and stuck in a clipping of this succulent which I got from my garden. This one I chose because it’s a succulent and they don’t need much water.

This next one is sooo pretty. It’s basically just a vase with some really pretty flowers in them. This vase is also from Pillow Talk, there is many designs to choose from. I have the white one with the quote ‘Be Happy’ on it but others had different quotes and colours, this was also really cheap. I arranged flowers in it, I got them from a garden near by.

Last one is this Aloe Vera Plant in a mason jar. I’ve seen lots of pins in Pinterest of plants in mason jars so I decided to make my own. All you need is a mason jar/jar or a glass vase, soil, pebbles and a plant. I chose Aloe Vera because there is a lot of it in my garden and they are easy to look after. They need barely any water but lots of sun, so I will be placing it in different areas around my room so it can have as much sun as possible.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests feel free to leave them in the comments.

Love, Holly

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Posted 22 June 2016

DIY Room Decor • Collab with LiveandLaugh03!

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly, for this blog post I’m doing a collab with LiveandLaugh03!! I’m super excited because this is the first ever collab on Little Miss Holly. We decided to both do some tumblr inspired room decor, that is also easy and cheap. I’ll leave all her links at the end. So let’s get started, enjoy 🙂

•Mason Jar with animal topper•

To start with I will be showing you how to make a super cute room DIY which is basically a Mason Jar with the lid painted and a painted plastic animal glued on top. This is great for the bathroom to put ear buds in, the kitchen for lollies and chocolate (or your room!) and maybe in your room for makeup bits and pieces.

What you need

• Mason Jar (Bought mine from Kmart)

• plastic animal (bought mine from Kmart in a tube with lots of other animals to choose from)

• Water based acrylic paint (I believe I bought this from Bunnings)

• Super glue

Take the lid off the Mason Jar and paint it whatever colour you like. Grab your plastic animal and paint it as well. I used Handycan Water Based Acrylic Paint, and found it stuck really well and looked amazing. I did two coats.

Once completely dry, glue the animal to the lid and allow it to dry.

Put whatever you want in the jar, I find lollies and chocolates look really pretty.

TIP: before glueing on the animal, screw the lid on and place it on the lid where you want it to go.

•Animal Ring Dish•

This one is my favourite. This is such a pretty DIY to add to your room, plus it’s really handy. You can put spare change, rings, earrings, brackets plus so much more on this easy room decor. This is just a small plate or soap dish with plastic animals which are painted, then glued on. I chose the giraffe and elephant to put on this one because you can hang your rings on the neck/trunk.

What you need

• Small plate or soap dish, I used the Homemaker Soap Dish with Bamboo Base from Kmart, it’s perfect size and is nicer than a normal plate.

• Plastic toy animals

• Acrylic Paint (mine was from a cheap shop)

• Super glue

Paint the animals whatever colour, I chose white to match the dish. Unfortunately I had to do 4 coats plus many touch ups because it was a cheap paint. Once dry, glue them to the plate and let dry.

•Eucalyptus Leaf Design•

This is a really cheap DIY and one I don’t think many people would think about. This is a great one for all ages and skill levels. You can do something basic, like me, or something really artistic on it. It’s basically a dried eucalyptus leaf which has been painted.

What you need

• Dried eucalyptus leaf, try have one that’s not very crinkly or curly

• Paint

Well this ones easy to explain, get your leaf and paint a design on it. Done!

This was a collab with LiveandLaugh03, it would be great if you could go over to her blog and check out her side of our collab. Let her know you came from my side by leaving a comment!


I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests feel free to leave them in the comments.

Love, Holly

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Posted 24 April 2016

Quick and Easy DIY Easter Lollie/Chocolate Bag 

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly, today I am showing you a quick and simple Easter DIY which is super cute but cheap as well. They are basically paper bags in the design of a bunny rabbit. This is a great activity to do for kids, or with kids (although some parts are quite fiddly). Enjoy 🙂

What you need
Paper bags – each bunny requires 2 bags

Pink paper – for their noses and the insides of their ears

Pen – draw on the face

Cotton wool balls – tail

Ribbon – to hold all the goodies inside

Treats – chocolates, lollies, marshmallows, whatever you want to put inside these bunnies



How to do it
1. Cut out a template, the with this template trace the bunny out on one of the bags then cut it out

2. Place the second bag which you haven’t cut underneath the first bag, draw a little line to mark how big the face/body is, cut in a strait line across the bag underneath, a little under the line you have made

3. Insert this second part into the main paper bag, this just ensures it is strong enough so nothing will fall out

4. Stick on the nose which has been cut out of the pink paper and draw a face on the bag, make sure you don’t draw the face high up as the ribbon will cover it and it will be really crumpled

5. Fill the bunny with whatever you want, leaving space at the top to tie the ribbon. I put in a hollow Easter egg, a little Nutella packet and marshmallows 

6. Tie the ribbon firmly art he top of the rabbits face, be careful not to tie it too hard you rip the ears

7. Gently twist the ears to the front

8.Cut out little inserts for the ears out of the pink paper. Fold them in half then glue to the ears

9.Put a little circle of glue on the back of the bunny then stick on a cotton wool ball, the tail!

Then your done!
I hope you all have a fantastic Easter 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave them in the comments.
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Love, Holly

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