My Skincare

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly, today I will be showing you my skincare bits and pieces. Enjoy 🙂

First off is a fresh face mask from Lush. I have the one called Oatfix. This one appealed to me because it can cleanse, soften and moisturise and it’s great for dry and sensitive skin. So this is a great mask for the colder months. This face mask is made from bananas, vanilla and oats. This is a great face mask once you ignore the smell. The first time I wore it I could not stand the smell so I washed it off straight away but it felt like the scent stayed on my skin for a long time so I had to go for a walk outside to breathe some fresh air 😂. But the second time I wore it I was only breathing from my mouth. This face mask makes your skin so soft afterwards. 

Next is this Pure Active face scrub from Garnier. What appealed to me in this scrub is that you can use it as a wash, scrub and also a mask. I use it for the scrub. My previous face scrub which you can check out here: (.  )was I feel more gentle in the way the scrub bits in it, they were smaller and there was less of them. After using the Pure Active face scrub, my skin feels so fresh and smooth. This product kind of has the smell of cucumbers. They recommend to use this product of you have a oily to combination skin type, which I don’t have, but it works for me anyway (I think I have a normal to dry skin type). 

I picked up this lip balm because the packaging was so cute. It’s called Ushas Fruit Lip Balm and I have it in the scent Green Apple. I have seen they also have the Orange scent as well. I picked this up from Cosmetics Plus when I was just looking around and it was really cheap, under $3. I like putting lots of lip balm on my lips and this one is great for that because it gives it a really nice glossy look, as if you have lip gloss on, but the down side with putting quite a bit on is it is quite thick, so it feels a bit like honey on your lips. This lip balm is very moisturising and stays on a long time.

Last but not least is this Express Hydration Body Lotion from Nivea. This moisturiser is for my skint type, Normal to Dry skin, so it works really well for me. I always thought I would be the person who likes really rich and thick moisturisers until I picked up this one. Is sinks into my skin so quickly and it leaves it feeling so soft. Because it sinks in really quickly it makes moisturising not such a chore. I also use this moisturiser on my face, I don’t know if that’s bad. The reason why I got this moisturiser in the first place was because when I went on a holiday to Newcastle, NSW (photos link here: ) and I got a bit sunburnt, so this cream works great for that. Just make sure when applying this moisturiser not to put on too much because it kind of builds up a bit, I don’t really know how to explain it but it’s just when the moisturiser doesn’t really sink in and it kind of clumps in layers on your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment. 

Love, Holly
• Quote of the week • 

“We will be friends until forever, just you wait and see”

-Winnie the Pooh
Posted 5th June 2016


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