Ways to Make Your Room Super Cosy (Tumblr Inspired!)

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly, for this blog post I will be telling you 8 ways to make your room more cosy and nice to be in. I’m always wanting to do new things with my room and over time I’ve found these things will make your room a pretty, tumblr inspired place great for hanging out in with your friends.

1. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are a must. They make your room so cosy at night and they look really pretty. Awesome places to put fairy lights are on your bed head, around windows, around your desk, around all the walls of your bedroom and many more. Warm lights are my favourite. (Very Tumblr!)

2. Pillows

You can change the feel of your room so easily with pillows. You can go colourful, for a fresh, bright feeling, or dull pillows, for a more cosy, chilled room. Try and make the textures of the pillows a bit different, the same with the patterns or colours. This is to ensure the pillows stay fun and you don’t get bored of them.

3. Lamp

At night I don’t like having my big light on, instead, fairy lights and a lamp. I prefer lamps that are not so bright they make it feel like your big light is on, but more of a dull, warm lamp (but still bright enough to read).

4. Throw

A throw is another great way to make your room super cosy. I like to have one of my bed so at night if I’m on YouTube or reading a book I can just snuggle up in it. I also love them for when I’m watching tv.

5. Photos

I love having photos on display in my room because it reminds me of the fun memories I’ve had in the past.

6. Things on the walls

By putting pictures, wall art, posters etc, on the walls of your bedroom your room won’t feel so bare but instead more welcoming and interesting to be in.

7. Something to sit on

When friends come around its good for them to have somewhere to sit. I know with small rooms this can be quite hard. Even if it’s a chair for your desk, an armchair, a sofa or a carpet.

8. Dream catchers

I know this one is quite random, but I feel dream catchers give your room a calm feeling, plus these are very Tumblr.
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or request please feel free to leave them in the comments.

Love, Holly

• Quote of the week •

“Find joy in the ordinary”
Posted 20 April 2016


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