Quick and Easy DIY Easter Lollie/Chocolate Bag 

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly, today I am showing you a quick and simple Easter DIY which is super cute but cheap as well. They are basically paper bags in the design of a bunny rabbit. This is a great activity to do for kids, or with kids (although some parts are quite fiddly). Enjoy 🙂

What you need
Paper bags – each bunny requires 2 bags

Pink paper – for their noses and the insides of their ears

Pen – draw on the face

Cotton wool balls – tail

Ribbon – to hold all the goodies inside

Treats – chocolates, lollies, marshmallows, whatever you want to put inside these bunnies



How to do it
1. Cut out a template, the with this template trace the bunny out on one of the bags then cut it out

2. Place the second bag which you haven’t cut underneath the first bag, draw a little line to mark how big the face/body is, cut in a strait line across the bag underneath, a little under the line you have made

3. Insert this second part into the main paper bag, this just ensures it is strong enough so nothing will fall out

4. Stick on the nose which has been cut out of the pink paper and draw a face on the bag, make sure you don’t draw the face high up as the ribbon will cover it and it will be really crumpled

5. Fill the bunny with whatever you want, leaving space at the top to tie the ribbon. I put in a hollow Easter egg, a little Nutella packet and marshmallows 

6. Tie the ribbon firmly art he top of the rabbits face, be careful not to tie it too hard you rip the ears

7. Gently twist the ears to the front

8.Cut out little inserts for the ears out of the pink paper. Fold them in half then glue to the ears

9.Put a little circle of glue on the back of the bunny then stick on a cotton wool ball, the tail!

Then your done!
I hope you all have a fantastic Easter 🙂
I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave them in the comments.
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Love, Holly

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