Back to School Stationary

Hi and welcome to LittleMissHolly, for this blog post I will be showing you my top 5 back to school stationary. It’s a nice feeling going back to school with new stationary and so this is what I will be using in 2016. 
I will be using two things from Kikki.K this year, the first is their ‘Colour Me Happy, Felt Tip Pens’. These pens are so vibrant and come in many different shades, the packaging in simple but effective. I use these pens for many reasons, including colouring in, drawing and writing. The downside to the packaging, is they get a little bit dirty when in my pencil case.

The second thing from Kikki.K I picked up is the ‘To Do List Pad’ from the ‘Hello Yellow’ collection. I love everything in the ‘Hello Yellow’ section, it’s all so cute. This note pad is nice and big so I won’t take it to school, instead I will leave it on my desk so I can write due dates etc.

Pencil Case
Unfortunately, I don’t know what shop this super cute pencil case is from, all I know is it is from a market stall in Singapore. This pencil case has a lot more room than it looks and a little pocket inside with a zip. On the front and back it says ” May you always have enough happiness to keep you sweet,” and I think the lace gives it a really nice effect.

I bought 5 A4 Spinout Notebooks this year. There is such a variety of covers to choose from and they are all adorable. There is 120 pages in each notebook, so there nice and big, which is fantastic.

I also have this A5 notebook from typo, it has the cutest front cover and the back is a pretty blue/green shade. I love this notebook because it is separated into 4 sections, with a cardboard pocket in between each section. These pockets are great for loose papers, pens, rulers, etc.

 I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any questions, or requests please feel free to leave a comment.

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Love, Holly
• Quote of the week •

“May you always have enough happiness to keep you sweet”
Posted Sunday 17th January


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