Favourite Beauty Products (December 2015)

Hi and welcome to Little Miss Holly, for this blog post I will be doing a review on my favourite beauty products for this month.



I am loving the Eye Smoothie Creamy Eyeshadow in the shade Lily from Natio. It’s a beautiful, shimmery eyeshadow and really easy and smooth to apply. This is a great eyeshadow base and it will be easy to build more eyeshadows on top. This product lasts a long time and it’s also not that hard to take off. This creamy eyeshadow will be great for day and night looks as this shade will go well with most colours.


Natio Eye Smoothie Creamy Eyeshadow, Lily


The Tanya Burr lipgloss in the colour Aurora is in a beautiful light pink shade. It is so pretty and lasts a long time on the lips but also keeps them hydrated at the same time, which is a bonus. The colour will go with many looks but I think a cute summer/spring look will be even more amazing with Tanya Burr’s Aurora.


Natio have a large range of skincare and makeup products, and they are all such great quality. I have a Natio lipstick in the shade Blossom, this is such a nice colour and it looks quite natural on. It lasts a super long time on the lips and it keeps them mosterised as well. The packaging is really cute and I love how it says ‘Love being you’ on the inside, it gives it a really nice touch.

Natio, Blossom


I am in love with the Jessica Mauboy Be Beautiful perfume. It smells so amazing, the packaging is super cute and the bottle is beautiful. The scent is a little fruity and it reminds me of the beach. This is a perfect scent for summer.


Jessica Mauboy, Be Beautiful

The nail polish I was wearing is the Revlon Brilliant Strength Nail Enamel in the shade 080 Enchant, for a review on this product, click this link: https://littlemissholly2.wordpress.com/2015/10/19/favourite-beauty-products/

I enjoyed this post, if you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment.

Instagram: LittleMissHolly2
Love, Holly

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“Just keep swimming”
– Dory

Posted 8 December 2015


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